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Creative Engineering (1976-Present) was an animatronic manufacturer and showtape producer founded by Aaron Fechter. After creating various animatronic shows for amusement parks, it would land a deal with ShowBiz Pizza Place in 1980 to produce Rock-afire Explosion shows for their locations. Into the late 80's, with ShowBiz not purchasing any more batches of robots, CEI would pivot to selling Rock-afire shows to competitors. This break in SPP's exclusivity over the RAE would cause a falling out between the companies. After the FEC industry pivoted away from animatronics by the late 90's, CEI would lay off all of its staff. The company would see a revitalization in the 2000's by its fandom, pivoting to private tours of its warehouse. The late 2010's would also see the company selling its old stock of parts, alongside a paid subscription video series of behind the scenes work.