Volo, IL (27582 Volo Village Rd)

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Exterior (October 2019)

The Volo Museum (Also known as the Volo Auto Museum) is a museum located at 27582 Volo Village Rd, Volo, IL, which opened in 1960 and is still around to this day.[1]


Volo features multiple animatronic shows, including The Rock-afire Explosion, The King and King Kat, The Beagles, the Four Little Shavers, and the Enchanted Forest Pirate Show.


Volo Museum would receive their first animatronic show, the Enchanted Forest Pirate Show, in around 2014. It would be fully restored and operational by 2015, residing in ShowBiz Pizza Place (Not to be confused with the actual ShowBiz Pizza Place.)

In 2018, Volo purchased The Beagles from Craigslist, and installed it next to the Pirate Show. Volo would also purchase a complete Rock-afire Explosion show around this time but was not able to install it due to not having a feasible location or a license. The show would be the same show that appeared at the Florida Film Festival in 2009 for the premiere of the The Rock-afire Explosion Documentary. Volo would also receive the tree backdrops, Antioch mech, and valances from the Libertyville Chimpy's Pizza Safari.

In 2019, Volo would purchase the Four Little Shavers, The King, and King Kat. The Shavers would be restored by Layton and installed where The Beagles formally were. The King and King Kat would be restored by Jared (The King ETT), and placed inside Showroom #4 in the museum along with The Beagles, who received a slight refurbishment.

Installation & Restoration of the Rock-afire

In January 2024, Volo Museum would post an ad on social media stating that they were looking for a person to install their Rock-afire Explosion and maintain it. Multiple people would reach out, and ultimately Jay (username “showbizmidwest”) would get the job. In February of 2024, it was announced that Volo Museum and Creative Engineering came to an agreement and Volo was granted a license to operate the show publicly.

Work began on February 24, 2024, with center stage being mostly complete by March 3. Billy Bob would receive entirely new valves on March 16, due to the original valves being severely rusted/corroded. User “technerdbird” would assist in the installation of the show over a week during April, wiring lighting, installing the rainbow, and installing Rolfe. Rolfe and Billy Bob’s stages would be mostly complete by the end of March, with Rolfe’s stage being finished on May 18, center stage being finished May 27, and Billy Bob’s stage being finished on May 29. Vinyl wraps were added to the garage doors (curtains) which include a red curtain backdrop with photos of each character, their names, and bios.

The show would first premiere on June 1, 2024 at 12:00 PM local time.

Restoration of The King & King Kat

In April 2024, The King and King Kat would be removed and placed in storage. Starting in late June 2024, Jay (showbizmidwest) is tasked with giving both complete overhauls.


Animatronic Serial Origin
Rolfe & Earl 5-83 1-22 Private Collector, Florida Film Festival, CEI
Dook Larue 5-83 2-15 Private Collector, Florida Film Festival, CEI
Fatz Geronimo 5-83 3-16 Private Collector, Florida Film Festival, CEI
Beach Bear 5-83 4-24 Private Collector, Florida Film Festival, CEI
Mitzi Mozzarella 5-83 5-21 Private Collector, Florida Film Festival, CEI
Billy Bob 5-83 6-21 Private Collector, Florida Film Festival, CEI
Looney Bird 5-83 7-20 Private Collector, Florida Film Festival, CEI
Choo Choo N/A Private Collector, Florida Film Festival, CEI
Sun 5-83 10-19 Originally from Looney Bird’s (Covington)
Moon 5-83 11-19 Originally from Looney Bird’s (Covington)
Antioch N/A Mech originally from Hutchinson, KS, later Chimpy's Pizza Safari (Libertyville)
Four Little Shavers Unknown Originally from Daytona Beach, FL
The King 1982 Originally from Tallahassee, FL
King Kat 1981 Originally from Daytona Beach, FL
The Beagles 1981-1983 (multiple dates) Possibly a California store, although a manual had Aurora, CO's store number.
Enchanted Forest Pirate Show 1985 From Enchanted Forest located in Chesterton, IN.



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