WKMG Creative Engineering Spot (1976)

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WKMG Creative Engineering Spot (1976) 


Release Date: 1976
Station: CBS/WKMG News 6
Length: 1:40

The WKMG Creative Engineering Spot is a 1976 Orlando, Florida news segment for CBS/WKMG News 6 discussing Creative Engineering's Willie Rabbit and Headless Ghost animatronics.[1]


The segment is narrated by two unknown newscasters, alongside Aaron Fecther speaking during the interview.

Willie Rabbit: I'm Willie Rabbit, a friend of The Wizard at the Mystery Funhouse. He wants me to invite you out to a scare-rifical, fantastical visit while you're in Orlando.

Newscaster 1: Aaron has the idea to use animated characters for advertising purposes and Willie is the first to do so, and with no limit to his vocabulary.

Aaron Fechter: He's got a computer inside. The computer selects from various numbers, uh, messages, which he is capable of producing- and so it's pretty random, you never know what he's gonna say next.

[Pneumatic Movement Noises]

Newscaster 2: -very...why?

Aaron Fechter: I'd be inclined to say why not, but a customer asked me to build it for him and that's why.

Newscaster 2: Well, what is he gonna do? Is he gonna put it in his living room? Uh, stare at it before he goes to bed at night? What's it for?

Aaron Fechter: No, I'm afraid if he put it in his living room, the landlord would probably raise the rent quite a bit. He's putting it out in front of a carnival ride that he owns, and the carnival ride is gonna make a million dollars more a year because it's standing out front, attracting the customers.

[Pneumatic Movement Noises]