Willie Rabbit (Animatronic)

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Willie Rabbit (Animatronic) 


Units Produced: 1
Release Date: 1976
Manufacturer: Creative Engineering


Willie Rabbit was an animatronic created by Creative Engineering in 1976 to advertise Mystery Fun House in Orlando, Florida. The Bot was placed in a small glass kiosk at the Orlando Airport[1].

It is unknown the fate of The Bot, though it was most likely either thrown out or sent back to the CEI R&D Office.


Deal with Mystery Fun House & Creative Engineering

In 1976, Creative Engineering would be set to create animatronic advertising for Mystery Fun House in Orlando Florida. The outcome was Willie Rabbit, an animatronic that would tell people at the Orlando Airport to visit Mystery Fun House.


Not much is known about the creation of the Bot, though it was probably built in 1976 at The original CEI corporate office.


In 1976, The Bot was placed in a Glass Kiosk reading "Mystery Fun House" at the Orlando Airport[1]. Only 1 video of the bot has resurfaced, showcasing the bot moving & speaking some audio. The Bot apparently was programmed to multiple audio tracks that would play at random[1], unlike most CEI bots which used full showtapes. The bot also seems to have had a coin slot that made Willie move.

The bot remained most likely until the early 80's when it was removed.


It is unknown what happened to The Bot as it has never been mentioned by Aaron or appeared in any tour of the building, this most likely means the bot was thrown away either at the airport or at CEI.


The Bot wore a Red tuxedo with a white patterned undershirt, a black bowtie, a flower, & Glasses. The Bot had bluish gray fur with lighter eyebrows, & a buck-tooth.


Head Left + Body Left
Head Right
Right Arm Either Out or In
Left Arm Either Out or In
Ears Wiggle + Eyebrows Raise