Webster, TX (1541 West Bay Area Blvd)

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Webster, TX (1541 West Bay Area Blvd), Store #592 is a Chuck E Cheese's location that opened on March 15, 1993, being the 2nd location in the Houston Texas area to open under the new "Chuck E Cheese's Pizza" brand.


Webster, Texas opened with a 2-Stage and the 1993 Remodel. There wasn't many unique features about this store as it was a regular operating Chuck E Cheese's in the 1990's with the ball crawl, arcade games, and rides. The only big change that the store received in the mid-late 1990's was installation of the sky tubes.

In between 1999-2001, Webster, Texas removed their 2-Stage and replaced it with the Studio C Alpha. It's unknown if with the installation of the Studio C Alpha if the store also received the "Must C TV" posters in the showroom. As there is yet to be documentation of this store when they just received the Studio C Alpha. Around the mid 2000's, the store would received it's first remodel as many elements of the 1993 remodel being removed and replaced with new wall art package in 2005. Throughout the years this location would stay quiet with small changes like new game packages and in mid-late January 2012, Webster would remove the interactive console from the Studio C Alpha stage.

In July - August 2019, Webster, Texas would received the "Chuck E Cheese's 2.0" remodel. All of the 2005 wall art would be replaced by new wall art, Sky Tubes would be trashed, new game package, and the Studio C Alpha stage would be removed and replaced with a interactive Dance Floor.


Stage Installed Removed Notes
2-Stage March 1993 1999-2000 The where bout's of the animatronics are unknown, Most likely trashed.
Studio C Alpha 1999-2000 August 2019 The 32 movement was most likely sent back to SPT, Serial number is unknown.
Dance Floor August 2019 In Use This is the latest stage that Webster has.


Videos of Webster Texas
Link Description Filming Date
https://youtu.be/QnsNozfEm7g Footage of the 2-Stage with most of the store being shown off. Birthday Star 1992 & Chuck E. March are being performed. October 24, 1993
https://youtu.be/94j-u5Fmplo Prank video of a person bringing thousands of tickets at the store's counter and getting kicked out. 1999
https://youtu.be/7rVeodQI0eA Footage of the store and what it mostly looked like in the mid 2000's to 2019. August 17, 2018
https://youtu.be/IQLV-Ioi45o The final days of the location before the 2.0 remodel was finished. This is known as the last footage of the show ever recorded. August 21, 2019