Winchester Grand-Opening Advertisement (1977)

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The Winchester Grand Opening Advertisement was distributed by the Atari sub-division of Warner Communications Incorporated in May 1977, to advertise the new family concept of Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre which would make its debut on 370 South Winchester Boulevard located in the Town & Country Shopping Center in San Jose, California.


While no specific data is documented outside of the flyer itself, we can speculate that this was produced and distributed by the Atari sub-division of Warner Communications Incorporated from early May 1977 to May 17, 1977. The advertisement was distributed around the San Jose area to build an audience for the upcoming Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre opening on 370 South Winchester Boulevard.

A free coupon was provided with the advertisement, which provided a Pizza Time Theatre T-Shirt at no cost. The text to the bottom left of the page reads:

"Here's the deal! To get a FREE Pizza Time Theatre T-Shirt (wait 'til you see it in color) all you have to do is:

  • Bring this coupon to my place here beginning May 17.
  • Buy any of my large size pizzas.
  • You have to be 16 or under and come in with an adult. And you only get one T-Shirt per family (sorry, our supply is very limited.)
  • Hurry, cause the offer is limited to the first 1000 kids.


The grand opening advertisement would use a grey piece of paper as a base, with the first Chuck E. Cheese costume with the "Bite me!" shirt on top of the page, with the text:

"Bring in this coupon, feast on Pasqually's™ pizza, catch the Warblettes™ wailin' Soul, Crusty™ and Jasper™ singin' and jokin', play one of our 30 amusement games... and I'll give you a T-Shirt! FREE!"

Below that text, 4 examples of the uniqueness of Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre was placed, those being "The food's something else.", "In Pizza We Trust.", "Animals that talk and sing." and finally, "Family Events."

At the bottom of the flyer, a rectangular shaped coupon was able to be bought in to receive free bonuses, and featured the Pizza Time Theatre logo. At the left and right bottom of the page respectively, the text reads: "© ATARI, INC 1977" and "370 South Winchester Bvld. San Jose, CA (408) 296-4600"

The previously mentioned 4 categories read:

"The Food's Something Else."

"Delicious special recipe pizzas - your favorites, plus a new high-protein treat. There's 8 different hot sandwiches, a salad bar, and the newest treat - sensational soft frozen yogurt.

"In Pizza We Trust."

"Special tokens (25¢ value) are given free with different menu "specials." You use 'em as well as quarters to play the games in our special game rooms and pizza booths.

"Animals That Talk And Sing."

"Pasqually, our singing, animated chef, calls out your order number in his Italian dialect. And our animated Pizza Time Players, The Warblettes (3 soul singin' magpies), Crusty The Cat,™ Jasper T. Jowls™ (our banjo-pickin' hillbilly dawg), and me, we do our numbers in 3 shows a day!

"Family Events."

"Special Event Distractions, birthdays and the like, can also be programmed by the manager. (He's a real human, no cold nose or fur, or nothin!)"