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The Wolfman Stage from the Jacksonville building plans, March 28, 1980 (Bottom Right)

The Wolfman Show (Official name unknown) was a side-act to the Wolf Pack 5 present in the first ShowBiz Pizza Place in Kansas City, MO (2726 NE Vivion Rd) from March 2, 1980, to an unknown time after.

The stage would feature The Wolfman on a single platform, and would only play the Wolfman Showtape consisting of 10 segments.


The only notes of the stage design come from the cancelled Jacksonville, FL (9820 Atlantic Blvd) plans, which may have changes from the Kansas City installation. Most of the plans have also been scanned poorly, making most exact measurements and notes illegible.

  • The stage is a circular section in the corner of the room measuring 12ft in radius and 1ft in height.[1]
  • It connects to the Technical room from the Eastern wall, with a recessed opening near the upper edge of the stage wall to insert a "TV Monitor".[2] The Monitor sits on a support shelf in the recession.[3]
  • Some notes imply there being "Mirror Strips", "Mirrors", and "Glass Strips" when referring to the wall. These could be literal mirror strips- or a name for the metallic streamers seen on Rolfe's stage for the Rock-afire Explosion at the same location just a few months later.[4]
  • The room's wainscot continues on the stage.[5]
  • Wolfman's trapdoor is close to the corner on the Southern wall.[6]
  • Within the room and its surrounding area there is a placement somewhere for an "Animated Character Logo". It is unclear if this is for Wolfman or other ShowBiz advertising as all character references in the plans are referred to as "Animated Character".[7]


First Installation

One of the Kansas City Wolfmen, labeled "Disco TIM".

The only installed show would appear in Kansas City, MO (2726 NE Vivion Rd) in March of 1980. This would be installed in the Electric Room[8], also referred to as the "electric theatre room" and the "disco room".[9] In 1981, the Wolf Pack 5 present at the store would be replaced with a Rock-afire Explosion, suggesting the Wolfman act could have also been removed at the same time, but not a confirmation. The Wolf Pack 5 was sent to Creative Engineering.

In March of 2015, the WP5 would be brought out of storage for the first time, but only one of the two Wolfman animatronics were present. This Wolfman however had "Disco TIM" written on his cosmetic shells. This could be a general nickname for the Wolfman character, or could imply the Wolfman returned was the one from the disco room.[10]

Second Planned Show

A set of building plans for the second ShowBiz Pizza Place in Jacksonville, FL (9820 Atlantic Blvd) dated between February to March 28th of 1980 show that the location also planned to both feature a Wolf Pack 5 and Wolfman Show installation. The Wolf Pack 5 show would use the later Rock-afire Explosion stage layout, suggesting that the Wolfman Show in the plans may have also been changed from its original design.[11] This stage would also plan to be installed in the Electric Room just right of the entrance.[8] While there is no evidence confirming or denying if the stage was installed after the WP5 plans changed over to the RAE, it is most likely they were not.



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