Wolfman Zapp (Cyberamic)

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Wolfman Zapp (Cyberamic) 


Units Produced: 1
Release Date: 1980's (Possibly 1983)
Manufacturer: Pizza Time Theatre


Wolfman Zapp was a Cyberamic created by Pizza Time Theatre for Zapp's Bar & Grill in the 1980s.


The Wolfman Zapp Cyberamic was produced in the early 80's by Pizza Time Theatre. Not much is known about the bot other than it being produced & possibly sent to Reno, NV (651 E Moana Lane). The Bot was later stored at the Pizza Time Theatre Sunnyvale, CA Corporate Office. The bot was most likely thrown out during the movement from Sunnyvale to the Showbiz Pizza Time Corporate Office.


The bot has a Tannish mussel, Greyish Blue fur, Blue Eyelids, Tannish hands, A Blue Shirt, Brown leather overshirt, Tongue, Nose, Blue hat, Mic, & Glasses. Bot has a Gold ring on his right & left arm. Has a silver neck change. The bot's eye color is most likely yellow or green. The Bot originally had Sharp teeth, though later pictures show it without the teeth. The bots had long black hair.


this is a list of confirmed or possible movements. this list will be updated once the official movements are found.

Confirmed Through Images & Video

  • Left arm raise
  • Mouth Open


  • Eyes Left
  • Eyes Right
  • Eyelids Close
  • Head Left
  • Head Right