Atlanta, GA (2990 Cumberland Blvd)

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Photo of Atlanta's exterior at night before the 2.0 Remodel (12/30/2022)

2990 Cumberland Blvd, Store #612 was a Showbiz Pizza Place/Chuck E. Cheese that opened on August 26, 1982 as a corporate store with a Rock-Afire Explosion, which is still open to this day.

This location is known for being featured in the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip.


Atlanta opened on August 26, 1982 as the seventh Showbiz Pizza Place in Georgia (7th after Augusta, Macon, Norcross, Columbus, Marietta, and another Atlanta location or rather in Tucker) as a corporate-owned store. Atlanta originally featured the Rock-Afire Explosion, as all other Showbiz locations did. they would have it for a few years, until around 1991/1992, when they would receive the 1988 remodel, receiving Concept Unification, where the Rock-Afire Explosion characters were changed to the Chuck E. Cheese characters, and removing all SPP decor for newer decor. In the mid 1990s, Atlanta received a minor remodel removing older CU decor for the Record Posters and Colored Chase Lights. In the year 2000, they would receive the Phase 3 remodel replacing the 3-Stage with a Studio C Alpha, removing older decor for newer decor, and adding SkyTubes. They then received the 2005 update of the 2003 "Cool Chuck" Reconfiguration / Major Remodel Initiative which involved removing the Showroom Walls, Balcony Seating, adding bright florescent lighting and an exterior repaint. The location was also featured in "Takin' Care of Business" from the January 2008 Show. Atlanta would remain like this until February 2023, when they would receive the 2.0 remodel, this involved removing the Studio C Alpha stage and replacing it with a Dance Floor + Video Wall. as of March 2023, Atlanta still has the 2.0 remodel and Dance Floor + Video Wall.


Originally, Atlanta featured a Rock-Afire Explosion, as all other Showbiz locations did. In 1991/1992, they would undergo Concept Unification, turning the Rock-Afire Explosion into the 3-Stage. Atlanta would have the 3-Stage until around 1999/2000, when they would receive a Studio C Alpha.

In February 2023, Atlanta would replace their Alpha with a Dance Floor and Video Wall, as part of their 2.0 remodel. It was the last Studio C Alpha & 32M bot in Georgia.

As of February 2023, Atlanta still has the 2.0 Remodel and Dance Floor + Video Wall.

Stage Installed Removed Notes
Rock-Afire Explosion August 1982 1991/1992 7th Showbiz Pizza Store to open in Georgia.
3-Stage 1991/1992 1999/2000 One of six Showbiz Stores in Georgia to undergo Concept Unification.
Studio C Alpha 1999/2000 February 2023 One of 8 Studio C Alphas installed in Georgia. Last one in the state.
Dance Floor + Video Wall February 2023 Still In Use 2021 Model.



  • 2005 8 Kids Posters
  • 2005 Ambassador of Fun


Animatronic Serial Whereabouts
Chuck E. Cheese / Rolfe DeWolfe ?-8? 1-? Unknown/Destroyed.
Pasqually / Dook Larue ?-8? 2-? Unknown/Destroyed.
Mr. Munch / Fatz Geronimo ?-8? 3-? Unknown/Destroyed.
Jasper T. Jowls / Beach Bear ?-8? 4-? Unknown/Destroyed.
Helen Henny / Mitzi Mozzarella ?-8? 5-? Unknown/Destroyed.
Billy Bob ?-8? 6-? Unknown/Destroyed.
Pizzacam / Looney Bird ?-8? 7-? Unknown/Destroyed.
Munch Jr. / Choo Choo ?-8? 8-? Unknown/Destroyed.
Building / Sun ?-8? 10-? Unknown/Destroyed.
Moon ?-8? 11-? Unknown/Destroyed.
Antioch N/A Unknown/Destroyed.
Wink N/A Unknown/Destroyed.
Chuck E. Cheese 32m (Animatronic) 063 Owned by a Private Collector.
Bird (Animatronic) N/A Owned by a Private Collector.
Pizza Phone (Animatronic) N/A Unknown.
Pizza Time Clock (Animatronic) N/A Owned by a Private Collector.


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