Dog (Mr. Munch Retrofit)

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The Bot in the infamous "No More Chuck E. Cheese" Video

Dog (also known as The Dog) was a retrofit of Mr. Munch (Cyberamic) used at the Fun Zone & Pizza on Chico, CA (966 East Ave). The bot was retrofitted after the location lost its license to the CEC IP.


As Mr. Munch

The bot was originally produced somewhere from 1981 to 1982 & was placed at the Pizza Time Theatre on Chico, CA (966 East Ave) in July 1982. The bot had standard PTT attire. In 1993, The bot would gain new CEC styled cosmetics when Chico got their 2-Stage. The bot also replaced its former arm mechanics for new arm mechanics

As The Dog

In January 2011, The Chuck E. Cheese's in Chico, CA lost its license to run as a CEC, forcing them to change their branding to Fun Zone & Pizza. They converted their Munch's Make Believe Band characters into generic animals, The Dog uses a generic mascot costume instead of the Munch Cyberamic ones, though they still had the originally Keyboard from their 2-Stage. The bot's head had a tin can either over it or replacing its former one.

When Fun Zone & Pizza closed in September 2011, the characters were stripped from their cosmetics and removed and sold in a group for $100. It is unknown if anybody purchased them or where they are today.