Fun Zone & Pizza

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The exterior of the Fun Zone & Pizza in Chico, California during its time opened in 2011.

Fun Zone & Pizza (Stylized as FUN ZONE & PIZZA) was a one location family entertainment center founded in 2011 at Chico, CA (966 East Ave) do to the store losing the license to the CEC IP. The FEC became defunct with Chico's closure in Late 2011 after the Franchisee left the building vacant.


Location as a Pizza Time Theatre / Chuck E. Cheese's

The Pizza Time Theatre in Chico California on 966 East Avenue opened in July 1982. The locationed would get the SPT 1992 Remodel Program in 1993, which added the CEC Pizza logo & New store Decor. The location would gain a 2-Stage in 1993 as well.

Fun Zone & Pizza

Fun Zone & Pizza was created after Chico Lost it's license to the CEC IP. The location would retrofit its animatronics & replace old CEC Decor with new ones. The company used a dog, cow, & lion as the mascot costumes placed over the bots. The Location would use dollar store items & frozen pizza instead of corporate items. The wall decor also became generic mascot ones though they kept the salad bar sign.

The only location of Fun Zone & Pizza would be Chico, CA as it would close in late 2011.


Name Installed First Removed Last Notes
2-Stage 1993, Chico, CA (966 East Ave) 2011, Chico, CA (966 East Ave) Only FZ&P Stage


Name Installed First Removed Last Notes
Dog (Mr. Munch Retrofit) 1982 2011 Mr. Munch (Cyberamic)
Lion (Jasper T. Jowls Retrofit) 1982 2011 Jasper T. Jowls (Cyberamic)
Cow (Pasqually Retrofit) 1982 2011 Pasqually (Cyberamic)