Kokomo, IN (1919 South Reed Rd)

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Kokomo's exterior as of 2023. (PC: Google Maps)

1919 South Reed Rd, Store #341 was a Chuck E. Cheese's that opened on April 6, 2004 and is still open today with a Studio C Cappa.


Kokomo opened with a Studio C Cappa, one of four installed in Indiana. Not much is known about the stage, but in 2013, the cap was removed and in 2022, the bot stopped receiving programming.


Kokomo opened on April 6, 2004 with the Phase 3 game package and a Studio C Cappa. It is located across from the Kokomo Town Center. However, barely any documentation exists on this store online due to lack of documentation.

In 2007/2008, Kokomo received bits of the 2005 update to the CEC 2005 Remodel Program, which removed dim lighting, expanded the location to the left, and added 05 decor. Further bits of Phase 3 were removed soon after, most recently the wall planters, as well as the Skytubes by 2018/2019. As of October 2023, Kokomo remains open to this day.


Link Description Filming Date
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jS33CwG7xY "Merry Christmastime" performance. December 2021


Animatronic Manufacturing Date Whereabouts
Chuck E. Cheese, 16m 2004 Currently in use