Showbiz Pizza Programs

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Showbiz Pizza Program #10

Showbiz Pizza Program was a music cassette collection released alongside Showbiz Pizza Place and Pizza Time Theatre showtapes as background music between segments.

Similar to Family Vision, these would be a precursor to Cyberstar, and would be released until its full integration into Showbiz Pizza Place locations, despite Pizza Time Theatre locations continuing to use reels for another year.


These programs were still produced by Sight & Sound Entertainment Corporation, however the company would be merged into Audio Environments Inc., rebranding as AEI Music. Under AEI, the company would become specialized in creating music tape compilations for retail stores and airlines. This provided a specific mood tailored to the store, in which AEI describes to "-harmonize with the lifestyle of (the store's) patrons"[1] The Showbiz Pizza Programs were specifically labeled as Inflight Audio Entertainment, and each gave the address of AEI Music Network Inc. at the bottom of the label.

It is currently known that Program 11 came with the Summertime shows for 1988, and that Program 15 came with the Christmas shows for 1988. Releases 11-18 line up correctly, with 18 being exactly alongside the last known Showbiz reel to be produced, though it isn't clear which releases matched up with 1-10.

It isn't clear what procedure was done for CEC tapes after the release of Program 18, as they would continue to use reels up to CEC September 1990 Show.

CEC Dance - Grammy

Oddly, the CEC showtape release for October 1988 is absent, which would have synched up with SPP Dance - Grammy. As of current knowledge, the September show continued on until the Christmas show later that year. The release of its SPP counterpart, alongside Showbiz Pizza Program 14 which would have came with it being produced, it is unknown if there may have been a CEC Dance - Grammy type showtape in this slot that we aren't aware of yet.


Showbiz Pizza Program SPP Tape CEC Tape
Showbiz Pizza Program 1 ??? CEC History of Rock and Roll Part 2
Showbiz Pizza Program 2 SPP Christmas 86' Edited CEC Happy Holidays 1986
Showbiz Pizza Program 3 ??? CEC Movie Magic
Showbiz Pizza Program 4 SPP Westerns - Movies - R&R CEC TV Westerns
Showbiz Pizza Program 5 SPP Summertime - Westerns CEC Summertime / TV Westerns
Showbiz Pizza Program 6 SPP Working - Summertime CEC Working / Summertime
Showbiz Pizza Program 7 SPP Rock-N-Roll Classics CEC Rock-N-Roll Classics Showtape
Showbiz Pizza Program 8 SPP Homely For Christmas '87 CEC Home for the Holidays
Showbiz Pizza Program 9 SPP Country III - Classics CEC Country / Faves
Showbiz Pizza Program 10 SPP Tune Machine CEC Tune Machine / Country
Showbiz Pizza Program 11 SPP May 1988 Show CEC Summertime
Showbiz Pizza Program 12 SPP Grammy - Summertime CEC Grammy Awards
Showbiz Pizza Program 13 SPP September 1988 Show CEC Dance Showtape
Showbiz Pizza Program 14 SPP Dance - Grammy ---
Showbiz Pizza Program 15 SPP Homely for Christmas CEC Home for the Holidays
Showbiz Pizza Program 16 SPP Bach to Rock / Dance Contest CEC Fractured Classics
Showbiz Pizza Program 17 SPP Best of 1988 CEC Kiddie Songs
Showbiz Pizza Program 18 SPP Kids - Tune Machine CEC Best Of 1988