Victorville, CA (12790 Amargosa Rd)

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Victorville's exterior before 2.0. (PC: Google Maps)

12790 Amargosa Rd, Store #750 is a Chuck E. Cheese's that opened on December 14, 1999, with a Studio C Alpha and is still open today with the 2.0 remodel.

This store is not to be confused with Victorville, CA (15405 Park Ave), which opened on October 5, 1982, with a Balcony Stage and closed in June 1993 (day unknown) with Chuck E.'s House Facade.


Victorville opened with a Studio C Alpha. The Alpha received minor changes throughout its lifespan up until April 2022, when they receive the 2.0 remodel and replaced the Alpha with a 2021 Model Dance Floor and Video Wall. As of August 2023, the Dance Floor and Video wall are still there.

Stage Installed Removed Notes
Studio C Alpha December 1999 April 2022 One of many installed in California.
Dance Floor + Video Wall April 2022 Still in use 2021 Model.


Victorville opened on December 14, 1999, with the Phase 2 remodel and a Studio C Alpha. A few years later between 2000 and 2002, they received Phase 3. Around 2007, they received the 2005 update to the 2003 "Cool Chuck" Reconfiguration / Major Remodel Initiative, which involved removing all 90s decor, removing showroom walls and balcony seating, expanded the store, added purple walls, and changed the exterior. The Skytubes were removed sometime in the mid-late 2010s. In April 2022, Victorville received the 2.0 remodel, removing the Studio C Alpha for a 2021 Model Dance Floor and Video Wall. The grand reopening occurred on June 2, 2022. As of August 2023, Victorville remains operational with the 2.0 remodel.