Winchester Warblettes (Animatronic)

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Picture of the Warblettes from the Four Corners episode.

The Winchester Warblettes were an animatronic character created for the very first Pizza Time Theatre in San Jose, CA (370 S Winchester Blvd). They would be used until the being replaced by the standard Cyberamic models in 1980.


The Winchester Warblettes were present at opening, along with the rest of Fantasy Forest's characters, and remained until sometime in 1980-1981 when they were replaced by Cyberamic figures, after this we can assume they were sent to Sunnyvale, CA as with the other characters from this location, The current whereabouts of them are unknown but the most likely answer is they were destroyed in the move to the SPT office.




The bot has 3 movements in total. There is a possible 4th head turn movement.

Mouth 1
Mouth 2
Mouth 3