Baltimore, MD (8354 Eastern Ave)

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Exterior of the location (Circa 2015)

8354 Eastern Ave, Store #403, also known as Essex and Dundalk was a Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza/Chuck E. Cheese's that opened on August 6th, 1991, in the Diamond Point Plaza with a Road Stage and closed on October 28th, 2018, with a 2-Stage.


This store opened for its grand opening on August 6th of 1991 in the Diamond Point Plaza. The outfitting of the location cost $800,000 according to Alice Winters, a Showbiz Pizza Time official. Baltimore (Essex) opened with a Road Stage and the 1988 Remodel which had the Blue and White awnings, the 1991 decor, checkers, and the Road Stage. The location eventually received a 2-Stage at an unknown date in around 1993-1994 which involved the store receiving their first remodel, a majority of the decor they received in that remodel would survive until the locations end, and an exterior sign change. In the early years Essex had many birthdays and visitors, however it was in a bad area meaning attendance began to lower. Customers and Attendees stated they had lost phones, Purses, Wallets and other items of value. In 2018 when Chuck E Cheese closed low earning locations Essex was closed along with other underperforming stores.

Essex retained a large amount of its 1990s decorations, such as the photo ride, showroom sign, checkerboard pattern signs and other decorations. Essex was known for keeping these even after Rockstar in 2012. Eventually the photo ride was changed to Rockstar chuck around 2014. It kept the red and yellow awnings and 1993 sign along with many indoor decorations.


Essex Exterior (2019)

Essex closed on October 28th of 2018 after CEC chose to close underperforming locations, Essex was included in these closings. Eventually the sign was taken down and décor was removed. Essex became well known for its label scar on the exterior, it is unknown what happened to the bots however it is likely they were destroyed or used for spare parts. Essex remained vacant and had been since it's closing. Ever since Ames, the anchor, closed in 2002, the plaza failed. Chuck E. Cheese's closing was the end of the plaza, and flea markets were held in the parking lot.

In early 2023, Diamond Point was demolished.


The Essex stage opened as a Road Stage for about 2-3 years before changing to the ever growing 2-Stage. Early footage of the location with the Road Stage is rare and extremely few and far between. However, Chuck was in his Tuxedo and Bowler hat outfit as many locations had also used. When the 2-Stage was added Chuck retained this outfit until he was switched to his Avenger costume. Munch had his hat until the location had closed.

Stage Installed Removed Notes
Road Stage August 1991 1993-1994 One of three Road Stages installed in Maryland.
2-Stage 1993-1994 October 2018 One of five 2-Stages installed in Maryland.


Animatronic Manufacturing date Status
Chuck E. Cheese (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown.
Helen Henny (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown.
Mr. Munch (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown.
Jasper T. Jowls (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown.
Pasqually (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown.
Wink (Cyberamic) 1991 Unknown.