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The first Road Stage. (Jonesboro, Georgia)

The Road Stage was the first ever Cyberamic setup for Munch's Make-Believe Band.

This stage type was placed in both in existing stores and all new stores from the years 1990 to 1992. It would be one out of three Cyberamic stages to revolve around MMBB (other two being 2-Stage and 1-Stage) and one of four stages to revolve around MMBB overall (counting the 3-Stage).



After the creation of the Concept Unification 3-Stage in 1989, Showbiz Pizza Time, Inc. wanted a Cyberamic setup for Munch's Make-Believe Band to create synergy and unity between Chuck E. Cheese's shows after been producing Chuck E.’s Houses (Rocker Stages) and Chuck E.'s House Facades (C-Stages) based around the rapidly changing Pizza Time Players. The Road Stage was created as a solution to this, designed by Director of Entertainment at the time Jul Kamen.[1]The premise of the Road Stage was not too far off from the idea of the 3-Stage in theme. However, the execution of which would be drastically different in comparison of which. The following below describes the original design intended to be for this first incarnation. Originally, Chuck E.'s star was taken directly from the 3-Stage, making it look much larger. His neon sign was a custom design and was placed inside a set of buildings located between himself and Helen. Mr. Munch would have a large Jukebox TV behind him, playing the video feed of Cyberstar/CEC TV from up behind. Helen and Jasper would position on "buildings" according to the 1990 CEC Stage diagnostics[2] (which wouldn't change past the prototypes) and initially didn't have city backdrops behind them. Finally, Pasqually had a unique abstract backdrop implied to be his pizzeria, "Pasqually's." There would be a lack of a valance or wink in this early version but would feature a road going around the stage (hence the name).


The first Road Stage debuted on November 20th, 1990, at the Jonesboro, Georgia location; which was then followed by Springfield, PA on December 4th, 1990; and then West Palm Beach, FL on December 18th, 1990. These three locations had the prototype Road Stage as described above and all would eventually receive a more finalized design within a few years of installation. Also in December 1990, the Topeka, KS location would open with a Road Stage, being the first to receive said finalized design but keeping the road from the prototype (which stores afterward would leave out).[3]

This second incarnation had a smaller star for Chuck E. compared to the 3-Stage stars, and his neon sign being taken from the 3-Stage itself. The Jukebox TV being relocated in between Chuck E. and Helen and recolored pink and gold (originally was green and red). Helen and Jasper would receive their own city building backdrops while Pasqually loses his unique backdrop in favor of expanding the cityscape. The buildings that originally held the neon sign were relocated behind Mr. Munch and were repurposed to hold the Munch's Make-Believe Band logo within the spot. The valance and wink would finally be added here and as explained above, the namesake road would be removed entirely opting out for a simple stage base.

Curtains were not originally a part of this stage's design, but several installations (primarily those in 1991 and 1992) would include them making them one of if not the first Cyberamic stages to have curtains be utilized just like 3-Stages would (except being Austrian lift instead of side-to-side).

Later Installations

Also, not originally part of the Road Stage, Mr. Munch and Pasqually figures would retain their armatures from the Pizza Time Theatre era in a majority of initial installations. When the 2-Stage was rolled out in 1992, Road Stages were given the opportunity to replace these armatures with new, appropriate arms by Kinetix so both Munch and Pasqually could play the organ and drums properly respectively. Albeit some of these would be very different than 2-Stage and 1-Stage armatures in positioning alone, making them more unique.

This stage would be the final time Mr. Munch and Pasqually Cyberamics would be allowed to have body turns along with their head turns as since the creation of the 2-Stage and 1-Stage, it was instructed to secure the body turn mechanism down by removing the shoulder strap pins/stop plates and bolting a 1 1/2* "L" bracket to the front of their base supports. This means only both their heads could turn freely, but their bodies cannot so they can thus play their instruments without the possible risk of wear or damage from their restricted surroundings on those stages.[4]

Current Road Stage

Store Installed Address Current Condition
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Spring 1991 4141 Dixie Rd Operational, poor condition. Chuck E. & Helen have PTT arm swings. Munch has rare PTT mask & Jasper has PTT banjo. Oldest operating Road Stage, last Road Stage outside the United States, and last remaining Road Stage in existence.

Former Road Stages

Note: Contains only confirmed installations, and may not be in order.

Store Installed Removed Address Notes
Jonesboro, Georgia, United States November 1990 1994 335 Upper Riverdale Rd First Road Stage ever installed. Converted into finalized Road Stage in 1991/1992. Replaced with 1-Stage in 1994, in turn was replaced with a Studio C Alpha in 2000.
Springfield, Pennsylvania, United States December 1990 1994/1995 381 Baltimore Pike First in Pennsylvania. Converted into finalized in 1991/1992, and replaced by 2-Stage in 1994/1995.
Concord, California, United States 1990/1991 January 1994 1975 Diamond Blvd First in California. Closed in January 1994.
West Palm Beach, Florida, United States December 1990 December 2004 4646 Okeechobee Blvd Last prototype installed in store. Converted into finalized in 1991/1992, then destroyed in hurricane damage in 2004.
Topeka, Kansas, United States December 1990 July 2022 2215 SW Wanamaker Rd First finalized Road Stage. Removed in July 2022 for 2.0.
Richland, Washington, United States Early-mid 1991 September 2018 2610 N Columbia Center Blvd Only one in Washington. Last stage with Tuxedo and Derby. Closed in 2018.
Citrus Heights, California, United States 1991 2014 6251 Sunrise Blvd Former ShowBiz Pizza. Replaced a Chuck E’s House stage. Replaced with Rohnert Park’s 1 stage in late 2014.
Granada Hills, California, United States 1991/1992 Mid 1990s 16269 San Fernando Mission Former PTT. Removed for a 2-Stage which was later replaced with a Studio C Beta 16 Movement
Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States 1991/1992 1994/1995 516 N Frederick Ave Removed in 1994/1995 for 2-Stage, in turn removed in 2005 for Studio C Beta
Hialeah, Florida, United States April 1991 November 2021 3805 W 20th Ave One of many installed in Florida.
Sunrise, Florida, United States April 1991 June 2022 8099 W Oakland Park Blvd One of many installed in Florida.
Roseville, Michigan, United States April 1991 1996 31920 Gratiot Ave Only one installed in Michigan.
Tampa, Florida, United States July 1991 1994 14308 Dale Mabry Hwy One of many installed in Florida.
Essex, Maryland, United States August 1991 1994 8354 Eastern Ave One of 3 in Maryland.
Skokie, Illinois, United States August 1991 1994 7142 Carpenter Rd One of 2 in Illinois.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada August 1991 1994 9627 Macleod Trail One of 2 in Canada.
Pembroke Pines, Florida, United States September 1991 April 2022 8515 Pines Blvd One of many installed in Florida.
Melrose Park, Illinois, United States September 1991 1994 1315 W North Ave One of 2 in Illinois.
Placentia, California, United States September 1991 April 2023 2300 N Rose Dr 7th last Road Stage.
West Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States October 1991 June 2001 1665 VFW Pkwy Only one in Massachusetts.
Newington, Connecticut, United States October 1991 1995 3075 Berlin Tpke First CEC in Connecticut.
Deptford, New Jersey, United States November 1991 1994/1995 1500 Almonesson Rd One of 2 in New Jersey.
Wichita, Kansas, United States December 1991 September 2022 3223 N Rock Rd 2nd location in Kansas.
La Mirada, California, United States February 1992 November 2022 15100 Rosecrans Ave N/A
Catonsville, Maryland, United States February 1992 Mid 1990s 5912 Baltimore National Pike One of 3 in Maryland.
Wayne, New Jersey, United States April 1992 November 2022 1639 Rt 23 One of 2 in New Jersey.
Clearwater, Florida, United States July 1992 Fall 2000 25921 US Hwy 19 One of many installed in Florida.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 1994/1995 October 2003 2770 32nd Ave Last Road Stage installed.
Sun Valley, California 1992 November 2023 8375 Laurel Canyon Blvd One of many installed in California.
West Hills, California June 1992 February 12, 2024 22940 Van Owen St One of many installed in California.
Corona, California May 1992 Feburary 11, 2024 191 N McKinley St One of many installed in California.
Norwalk, California November 1991 February 2024 10949 Firestone Blvd One of many installed in California.
Charlotte, NC November 1991 June 2, 2024 5612 Albemarle Rd Only one in North Carolina. Entire stage sent to Showbiz Pizza Time Distribution Center (Topeka, KS).