Fresno, CA (5384 N Blackstone Ave)

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Lounge Area (May 6, 1984)

Fresno, CA (5384 N Blackstone Ave) was a Pizza Time Theatre that opened around July/August of 1980 with a Cyberamics Portrait / Shelf Stage, which closed in May of 1985.[1]

This is not to be confused with the Showbiz Pizza store on 3117 W Shaw Ave that opened on October 28th, 1982 with a Rock-afire Explosion and is still operational as a Chuck E. Cheese's with a Studio C Alpha as of September 2023 and the current N Blackstone Ave location that opened on September 24th, 2002 with a Studio C Beta, 32m and is also still operational as of September 2023.


The store would open with a Cyberamics Portrait / Shelf Stage that lasted throughout the store's run. It also had a lounge with The King and a Cabaret with Dolli Dimples.[2][3]


The location originally started as a Country Boy Market store, before being remodeled at the cost of $600,000 in 1980 into a Pizza Time Theatre. During the planning of the restaurant in April of 1980, it was announced to be opening around June 15th of that year.[4] This would later be pushed back to July/August.[5] Tom Warnshius, a former manager of the Old Spaghetti Factory, would be the opening manager of the location.[6]

The location would later close in May of 1985.[1]


Character Serial Number Status
Chuck E Cheese (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown/Destroyed
Guest Star / Helen Henny (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown/Destroyed
Mr. Munch (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown/Destroyed
Jasper T. Jowls (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown/Destroyed
Pasqually (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown/Destroyed
Warblettes (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown/Destroyed
Waving Flags (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown/Destroyed
Applause Board (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown/Destroyed
Drum Board (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown/Destroyed
Dolli Dimples (Cabaret) Unknown Unknown/Destroyed
The King / King Kat (Lounge) Unknown Unknown/Destroyed