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3717 196th St Suite 100, Store #3173/624 was a Showbiz Pizza Place/Chuck E. Cheese's located in Lynnwood, Washington that opened in August 1986, and closed on July 23rd, 2023.

This is not to be confused with the Pizza Time Theatre on 18811 28th Ave or the original Showbiz Pizza Place location in the same area. This store was known for having the one of a kind Cyberamic 3-Stage, which was at the location until closure. This was also the only Showbiz Pizza Place location in the Seattle area that made it to Concept Unification, and was the only CEC 3-Stage location in Washington, as the others had closed prior to the early 1990s.


Lynnwood opened with a Rock-afire Explosion stage which was possibly used at the original location. The Rock-afire would remain until the early 1990s when they would receive Concept Unification. By the mid-late '90s, the show fell so far into disrepair, that the characters were replaced entirely with the Cyberamics from the closed Spokane store in the year 2000, utilizing both 3-Stage and 2-Stage props on their unique show.

The store was most notable for keeping the original Jasper cosmetic head used at the Spokane store during the 1980s; and for being the first and last of its kind, after the Springfield, MA (Boston Rd) had a similar short-lived concept. Beginning as early as July 19th, 2023 during the store’s last days of operation, the Chuck E. animatronic was aired down[1], although Chuck was turned on for the final day, on July 23rd, 2023.

Stage Installed Removed
Rock-afire Explosion August 1986 Early 1990s
3-Stage Early 1990s 2000
Cyberamic 3-Stage 2000 July 2023


The Lynnwood, WA store opened in August of 1986 after the closure of the original store. This would later become the last operating Showbiz Pizza Place in Washington state, as the Bellevue and Seattle locations never made it past the 1980s. This was the last operating Former Showbiz Pizza Place in Washington State and is the only one that was converted into a Chuck E Cheese.

At an unknown point in time, the store received the standard 1986 SPT remodel and most likely received signage from the 18811 28th Ave PTT store around the Concept Unification transitional period. The store would receive its third and final remodel in the 1990s. On July 5, 2010, Lynnwood was brought out by corporate along with the Tacoma location, another CEC in Washington State. Sometime in the mid 2010s, some 1990s art was removed and replaced with newer Phase 4 wall art, but kept some 90s decor, like a few '91 Confetti posters, the '93 Sepia Tone poster, and their Must C TV award posters in the showroom.


This location closed permanently on July 23rd, 2023, after 32 years in operation as a Chuck E. Cheese and 37 years in operation overall, including their operation as a Showbiz Pizza. The most likely reason why the location closed because the store's lease was up, and the owners of the building wanted to demolish the building so they could construct new condos on the property. After closure, it appeared that management was making an effort to clear out the building, as many boxes in the showroom and game areas were seen.[2] On August 20, 2023, the animatronic characters and pieces artwork were loaded onto a Penske truck. Some artwork was saved and sent to the SPT Distribution Warehouse/Corporate, as some were destroyed and thrown into the dumpsters. The building was completely gutted on August 23. It is unknown if the Phase 3 awnings will be removed. Currently, as of March 2024, the building is still standing. It's likely the building will not be torn down now because it also houses another tenant aside from the former Chuck E. Cheese, Slater Insurance School. It is possible that when that business' lease runs out and they close their good, the building will finally be demolished.


Arcade Machines

• Chuck E. Cheese's Sketch Book

• Jett Rider

• Whack-A-Frog

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Link Description Credit Filming / Published Date A performance of the Birthday Star 1992 show on Lynnwood's 3-Stage (pre-Cyberamic era). 1996 A old store tour showing the gameroom and their arcades, and the showroom. July 10, 2013 A store tour of the location showing the arcade games it had and the showroom. November 28, 2022 One of the last store tours of the location before its closure. July 21, 2023 The location shortly after closure. July 29, 2023 Evidence of the animatronics still being inside the building. August 2, 2023 Footage of the stage being dismantled, along with photos of the stage after closure. August 20, 2023 A look on the abandoned location nine months after closure. Sets, Streets & Eats Early 2024


Animatronic Serial Whereabouts
Chuck E. Cheese / Rolfe DeWolfe 1-82 1-17 Replaced with Cyberamics in 2000, now destroyed.
Pasqually / Dook Larue 1-82 2-17 Replaced with Cyberamics in 2000, now destroyed.
Mr. Munch / Fatz Geronimo 1-82 3-17 Replaced with Cyberamics in 2000, now destroyed.
Jasper T. Jowls / Beach Bear 1-82 4-17 Replaced with Cyberamics in 2000, now destroyed.
Helen Henny / Mitzi Mozzarella 1-82 5-17 Replaced with Cyberamics in 2000, now destroyed.
Billy Bob 1-82 6-17 Destroyed during Concept Unification.
Pizzacam / Looney Bird 1-82 7-17 Removed, now destroyed.
Munch Jr. / Choo Choo 1-82 8-17 Removed, now destroyed.
Building / Sun 1-82 10-17 Removed, now destroyed.
Moon 1-82 11-17 Removed, now destroyed.
Antioch N/A Destroyed during Concept Unification.
Wink N/A Replaced with Cyberamic Wink, now destroyed.
Chuck E Cheese (Cyberamic) Unknown. Taken to Showbiz Pizza Time Distribution Center (Topeka, KS)
Guest Star / Helen Henny (Cyberamic) Unknown. Taken to Showbiz Pizza Time Distribution Center (Topeka, KS)
Mr. Munch (Cyberamic) Unknown. Taken to Showbiz Pizza Time Distribution Center (Topeka, KS)
Jasper T. Jowls (Cyberamic) Unknown. Taken to Showbiz Pizza Time Distribution Center (Topeka, KS)
Pasqually (Cyberamic) Unknown. Taken to Showbiz Pizza Time Distribution Center (Topeka, KS)
Wink (Cyberamic) N/A Taken to Showbiz Pizza Time Distribution Center (Topeka, KS)