Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (4141 Dixie Rd)

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Exterior (September 2021)

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (4141 Dixie Rd) also known as "Dixie" as a Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza that opened in the Spring of 1991 with a Road Stage, which is still open to this day.

This location has the last Road Stage in Canada, as well as being the oldest operating Road Stage, after Topeka, Kansas, which received 2.0 in July 2022. It is also the last Road Stage in existence, after Charlotte, NC (Albemarle) received 2.0 in June 2024. The location is also the 10th location in Canada. It should not be confused with Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (2945 Argentia Rd) which opened on January 12th, 2006.


Mississauga (Dixie) opened its doors in Spring 1991 as the tenth Chuck E. Cheese store in Canada. it was also the 2nd and last franchised store in Canada. Fortunately, there is a ton of documentation of Mississauga (Dixie) back then. In the early-mid 90's, Mississauga (Dixie) underwent a minor remodel that removed a little decor for newer decor. Around the Late 90's, the location received the "Phase 2" remodel removing older 90's decor, adding newer decor, another exterior change, and SkyTubes. On December 20th, 1998, the location was sold to corporate along with Willowdale (North York/Toronto), Wisconsin locations of Milwaukee, West Allis, Brookfield, and Amherst, NY. Mississauga (Dixie) would remain like this until 2006-2007 when they received the 2005 remodel removing the Showroom Walls, Balcony Seating, removing the Late 90's and early 2000's decor for newer decor and a new exterior change. Currently, as of August 2023, the location still has the 2005 remodel and the Road Stage along with the last banjo for Jasper at a location.


Originally, Mississauga (Dixie) featured a Road Stage which they still have to this day. Fortunately, there are some photos and multiple videos to exist of Mississauga (Dixie) with the Road Stage and in general back then.

Stage Intalled Removed Notes
Road Stage Spring 1991 Still in Use Poor Condition. Oldest Road Stage and last one in existence. One of two installed in Canada. Removal date is unknown.


Animatronic Serial Number Whereabouts
Chuck E. Cheese (Cyberamic) N/A In store.
Pasqually (Cyberamic) N/A In store.
Mr. Munch (Cyberamic) N/A In store.
Jasper T. Jowls (Cyberamic) N/A In store.
Helen Henny (Cyberamic) N/A In store.
Wink N/A In store.