West Allis, WI (2990 South 108th Ave)

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Exterior, June 2023 (PC: Donovan Waege)

2990 South 108th Ave, Store #843 is a Chuck E. Cheese that opened in December 1981 (day not found) as a franchised Pizza Time Theatre with a Balcony Stage. It is located in the Southtown Shopping Center.


West Allis opened its doors in December 1981 as the first Chuck E. Cheese of any kind in Wisconsin; as an expansion of the shopping center it is in with a Balcony Stage. It was originally a franchise-owned Pizza Time Theatre location, being one of the few that survived PTT's bankruptcy. Like all locations at some point, West Allis received the 1988 remodel in 1989-1990 and removed older PTT decor for newer decor, and the removal of the Balcony Stage for Chuck E.'s House. In the Early 90's, West Allis received a major remodel adding newer decor, replacing older decor, removal of the lounge, and the renaming of the store. In 1994, West Allis received a very minor remodel removing some decor for the Record Posters and other decor, and the removal of Chuck E.'s House for the 1-Stage, and also the removal of the King. West Allis was then bought by the corporate on December 20th, 1998, along with Milwaukee, Brookfield, and 3 others. In around 2000-2002, the exterior logo was replaced with the 2000 Thumb Chuck logo[1]. In May-June 2007, West Allis received the 2005 remodel removing all older decor for newer decor, removing the Showroom Walls, Balcony Seating, relocation the stage, and strangely, the removal of the Toddler Zone. West Allis remained like this until August 2021, when they received the 2.0 remodel and removed the 1-Stage for the Dance Floor + Video Wall. Interestingly, the "Open" sign during West Allis' 2.0 remodel was actually unique as it said about getting "more fun". Currently, as of March 2023, West Allis still has the 2.0 Remodel and Dance Floor and Video Wall.


Originally, when this store opened, they had a Balcony Stage.

Sometime between 1989 and 1990, the location installed Chuck E.’s House, otherwise known as the Rocker Stage.

In 1994, the Rocker Stage is removed for the 1-Stage, with this being its last animatronic show. While West Allis had the 1-Stage, some notable changes were made. In 2008, West Allis removed the turntable under Chuck E. Chuck also received a Studio C Avenger outfit around this time, with the shirt being replaced in 2009. Chuck E. and Helen would receive masks from Melrose Park, IL, in late 2012-early 2013. In 2013, Pasqually’s brick wall was removed for unknown reasons. The MMBB sign was moved from behind Pasqually to behind Munch around late 2013-2014. Pasqually would receive the mask from Streamwood, IL in 2014.

During their 2.0 remodel in August 2021, their 1-Stage is removed and then destroyed (with some parts going to Milwaukee), and was replaced by a 2021 model Dance Floor and Video Wall.

Stage Installed Removed Notes
Balcony Stage December 1981 1989-1990 First Pizza Time Theatre to open in Wisconsin.
Chuck E.'s House 1989-1990 1994 One of three installed in Wisconsin.
1-Stage 1994 August 2021 One of three installed in Wisconsin.
Dance Floor + Video Wall August 2021 Still in use 2021 Model.


Character Manufacturing Date Status
Chuck E Cheese (Cyberamic) 1981 Privately owned. Entire head sent to Milwaukee. Mask from Melrose Park, IL.
Guest Star / Helen Henny (Cyberamic) 1981 Privately owned. Mask from Melrose Park, IL.
Mr. Munch (Cyberamic) July 1981 Privately owned. Valves sent to Milwaukee.
Jasper T. Jowls (Cyberamic) 1981 Privately owned. Valves sent to Milwaukee.
Pasqually (Cyberamic) 1981 Privately owned. Mask from Streamwood, IL.
Warblettes (Cyberamic) 1981 Unknown / Destroyed.
Singing Flowers (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown / Destroyed.
Waving Flags (Cyberamic) 1981 Unknown / Destroyed.
Applause Board (Cyberamic) 1981 Unknown / Destroyed
Drum Board (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown / Destroyed
The King (Lounge) 1981 Unknown / Destroyed
Wink 1993 Destroyed.