Northridge, CA (8425 Reseda Blvd)

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Exterior in November 2023. (PC: Side Eye Cat)

Northridge, CA (8425 Reseda Blvd, Store #451) was a Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre that opened in September 1981[1] with Cyberamics, which is still open to this day.

The location is officially deemed the Munch's Make Believe Band Residency (Now called CEC Legacy Location) with plans for it to be a permanent home for its 2-Stage and "all legacy Chuck E. Cheese nostalgia"[2]. The Store was originally going to be the permanent home of CEC animatronics, but in March 2024, CEC went back on this[3].


Originally when the store opened, they had a Balcony Stage, as all other Pizza Time Theatres had. They would have the Balcony Stage for several years, until the late 80's or early 90's, when they would convert to Chuck E.'s House Facade, they would have it for a very short time, when in 1993, they would convert to a 2-Stage. Only major cosmetical changes to happen prior to 2011 was the replacement of the tuxedo with Cool Chuck sometime during the 2000s. In 2011, the Lancaster, CA (44650 Valley Central Way) location would relocate and with that, all of their animatronics would be sent to Northridge to replace their original 1981 PTT Cyberamics. They now have 1990s Cyberamics which are much sturdier than the originals and having cosmetics in much better shape. Despite Northridge getting the 2.0 remodel the stage's TV would be replaced by August 15th, 2023 and was also kept to become the "permanent home of the Chuck E. Cheese animatronic gang". Chuck E's outfit would be replaced with the Rockstar shirt on October 26th the same year, followed by the stage receiving lift curtains from the Huntington Beach location on November 5th.

Stage Installed Removed
Balcony Stage September 1981 1989-1990
Chuck E.'s House Facade 1989-1990 1993
2-Stage 1993 Still in Use
Dance Floor August 2023 Still in Use
Video Wall September 2023 Still in Use



Opened in September 1981 as a Pizza Time Theatre with a Balcony Stage. As lounge and cabaret acts they would receive The King and Dolli Dimples, opening with Harmony Howlette. In the late 80s they would receive the SPT 1988 Remodel Program removing the remains of Pizza Time Theatre.


In 1993 Northridge would receive the SPT 1992 Remodel Program which would renovate the restaurant bringing in the shelves, balcony, records and more! Around this time they would also receive the 2-Stage. The store would remain untouched with only minor changes such as receiving carpet from the CEC 2010 Update Program and installed a Salad Bar poster from the CEC 2005 Remodel Program.

2.0 Remodel

On July 25, 2023 Northridge would start its 2.0 Remodel. It was originally intended to become a standard 2.0 according to blueprints. But last minute plans changed, and it became the first Chuck E. Cheese Legacy Location. Although originally planned to keep more of the 90s artwork, due to lack of discussion between CEC Entertainment, LLC & The Supervisor of the remodel these plans were dropped and all old artwork was either destroyed or sent to Showbiz Pizza Time Distribution Center (Topeka, KS). Currently all that remains from the 1993 remodel are the 2-Stage and the Shelves, which had the Chuck E. Cheese statues removed a few months prior.

CEC would announce in October of 2023 that Northridge would now be the Munch's Make Believe Band Residency, and that the 2023 Northridge Grand Reopening Party would be held on November 10th. Nolan Bushnell and David McKillips would attend the event to very light news coverage and guests hitting the maximum capacity of the store.

Arcade Machines


  • Pop It for Gold
  • Tight Rope
  • Centipede Chaos
  • Big Win Super Spin,
  • Big Bass Wheel Pro
  • Pop the Lock
  • Deadstorm Pirates
  • Harpoon Lagoon
  • Golden Empire
  • Black Hole
  • Space Invaders Frenzy
  • Redhot,
  • Teeter Totter Castle
  • Birthday Party,
  • Choppy Wood
  • NBA Game Time
  • Angry Birds Arcade
  • Alley Roller Classic (4 units)
  • 2 Minute Drill
  • Circus Ball Drop
  • Jurassic Park Arcade
  • Jurassic World
  • Full Tilt
  • Nitro Trucks (2 units)
  • Transformers Human Alliance
  • Fishbowl Frenzy
  • Rescue Hero
  • Halo Fireteam Raven (2-player)
  • Trolls
  • Stack-It
  • Lumber Jack
  • Pink Panther Jewel Heist
  • Sonic Blast Ball
  • Chuck E.'s Fun Photos Photo Booth
  • Galaga Assault
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2017)
  • Crossy Road
  • Super Star
  • Fruit Ninja FX
  • Chuck E. Cheese's Sketch Book
  • Mario & Sonic Olympic Games Tokyo


  • Spongebob Pineapple Arcade
  • Avengers Coin Pusher (Single)



Animatronic Manufacturing Date Whereabouts
Chuck E. Cheese (Cyberamic) 1981 Destroyed / Replaced with Lancaster, CA’s.
Guest Star / Helen Henny (Cyberamic) 1981 Destroyed / Replaced with Lancaster, CA’s.
Mr. Munch (Cyberamic) 1981 Destroyed / Replaced with Lancaster, CA’s.
Jasper T. Jowls (Cyberamic) 1981 Destroyed / Replaced with Lancaster, CA’s.
Pasqually (Cyberamic) 1981 Destroyed / Replaced with Lancaster, CA’s.
Warblettes (Cyberamic) 1981 Unknown.
Waving Flags (Cyberamic) 1981 Unknown.
Applause Board (Cyberamic) 1981 Unknown.
Drum Board (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown.
Singing Flowers (Cyberamic) Unknown Unknown.
Dolli Dimples (Cabaret) 1981 Unknown.
The King / King Kat (Lounge) 1981 Unknown.
Chuck E. Cheese (Cyberamic) 1992 In store. Originally from Lancaster, CA.
Guest Star / Helen Henny (Cyberamic) 1992 In store. Originally from Lancaster, CA.
Mr. Munch (Cyberamic) 1992 In store. Originally from Lancaster, CA.
Jasper T. Jowls (Cyberamic) 1992 In store. Originally from Lancaster, CA. Currently wearing West Hills's mask.
Pasqually (Cyberamic) 1992 In store. Originally from Lancaster, CA.
Wink (Cyberamic) 1992/1993 In store.



Link Description Filming Date
Link Footage of Gameroom and Showroom. Only a single shot shows the stage. 1988
Link Footage of the July 1993 Show alongside some rides. Summer 1993 Footage of northridge ca playing the april 1994 show and showing off some of the store and the animatronics at the time. Footage starts at 15:19. 1994
Link Footage of the store featured on Made; this features a small clip of the show's Jasper animatronic performing Ace in The Hole from the January 2001 Show. 2001 Footage of northridge in late 2009, with there original bots. Late 2009
Link Footage of a birthday party showcasing the stage January 5, 2014
Link Store tour before the 2.0 Remodel. June 2023
Link Store tour before the 2.0 Remodel. July 28, 2023
Link Store tour during the 2.0 Remodel. August 1, 2023 exterior during the 2.0 remodel. August 13, 2023
Link Store tour during the 2.0 Remodel. August 18, 2023
Link Official CEC Live announcement of the store's grand-reopening and its place as the Munch's Make Believe Band Residency. October, 2023
Link Footage of the animatronics playing Let's Have A Party before the Reopening Party. November 9, 2023
Link First working showcase of the curtains in a test 1 hour before the Northridge Reopening Party Press Event November 10, 2023