Showbiz Pizza Time Distribution Center (Topeka, KS)

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SPT Distribution as seen on Google Maps Street View in 2019.

The Showbiz Pizza Time Distribution Center (also known as Showbiz Pizza Time Distribution Warehouse or simply SPT Distribution) is the Technical Support Department for CEC Entertainment, opening in an unknown year and being around to present day.


It is a distribution center that stores all the technical parts of CEC. The center is located at 7215 SW Topeka Blvd., Topeka, Kansas, 66619. The building houses a parts department, technical support, and refurbishment center. It also serves as an archive of sorts, as two pieces of vintage signage has been confirmed to be held there.


This location also houses multiple full animatronic stages and series of props/art that are or are not being used for parts. This collection began in late 2020.