Tallahassee, FL (2810 Sharer Rd)

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Tallahassee's exterior in 2021

2810 Sharer Rd, Store #232/680 is a Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza location that opened on April 7, 1992 with a 3-Stage and is still in operation to this very day.

Up until 2024, this location had not seen a major remodel since the mid-to-late 1990s. Before remodeling, they had a Phase 5 exterior, but they had a Phase 3 exterior inside. Despite having a 3-Stage, this location was not a former Showbiz Pizza, just like Fullerton, CA's store when they opened a year earlier in December 1991.


Tallahassee was allegedly supposed to open with a Road Stage, however it ended up opening with a 3-Stage. Despite opening with one, this location was never a SPP, as they opened in 1992. Around 1996, Chuck E's mask was replaced with the newer latex mask. At some point in the 2000s, all the characters received plastic masks. Between 2019 and 2021, Chuck E's teeth fell out. By 2023, the stage was in poor condition, as most movements were poorly adjusted and the cosmetics were largely tattered and dirty, with Jasper barely moving apart from his eyes and hands and Pasqually having a hole in his mask right above his right eye.

Stage Installed Removed Notes
3-Stage April 1992 May 5, 2024 Last 3-Stage in Florida. Stage was in poor condition before removal.
Dance Floor May 7, 2024 In Use
Video Wall May 8, 2024 In Use


Tallahassee opened on April 7, 1992 with a 3-Stage from a SPP location that closed or received a different show. It originally featured the 1988 remodel, which included checkers, blue and white awnings, and red awnings on the exterior. After opening, the location was featured in the Chuck E Cheese Live Show Highlight Film along with 8 other stores (It was the only one in Florida to be featured). In 1994-1996, they received Phase 1 of the 1990s Major Remodel, which involved removing all elements of the 1988 remodel, removed most of the checkers, changed the logo to Thumb Chuck, removed the "Pizza" lettering on the exterior, and changed the showroom. They would later receive Phase 2 and Phase 3 game packages in their respective years. On December 29th, 2007; Tallahassee would be bought by CEC Corporate. Tallahassee remained like this until 2015-2017, when the exterior sign was changed to a standard 2015 remodel sign. The sign was quickly worn down and was in poor condition. On May 5, 2024, the 3-Stage was removed due to the 2.0 Remodel and 2 days later, they installed the Dance Floor followed by the installation of the video wall on May 8th. As of May 2024, Tallahassee remains operational.

Arcade Machines


Coin Action



Animatronic Serial Number Notes Whereabouts
Chuck E. Cheese N/A Destroyed.
Pasqually N/A Originally from either Fort Lauderdale, FL (7053 W Broward Blvd) or Sharonville, OH (1429 E Kemper Rd). Owned by a Private Collector.
Mr. Munch N/A Originally from either Fort Lauderdale, FL (7053 W Broward Blvd) or Sharonville, OH (1429 E Kemper Rd). Owned by a Private Collector.
Jasper T. Jowls N/A Owned by a Private Collector.
Helen Henny 1-82 5-7 Previously from Midfield, AL (34 Phillips Dr).[1] Owned by a Private Collector.
Pizzacam N/A Unknown / Destroyed.
Munch Jr. N/A Unknown / Destroyed.
Building N/A Unknown / Destroyed.
Moon N/A Unknown / Destroyed.
Wink N/A Likely destroyed.


Link Description Filming Date
https://youtu.be/mqkHGgMxIKQ?t=273 Tallahassee being featured in a brief clip from a CEC cast member highlight reel (The store was featured alongside Wilmington, NC, San Jose, CA (2445 Fontaine Rd), Albuquerque, NM (4418 Wyoming Blvd), Mesa, AZ (856 S Alma School Rd), Harrisburg, Erie, Dothan, Merced, & Tracy) . This footage shows the 3-Stage sometime after opening. As of July 2023, this is the oldest confirmed footage of Tallashasee. Mid 1992
https://youtu.be/BJ4hVm3Rd-0 A video showcasing the store, games, and 3-Stage in Mid-Late 1996. Original owner of the video is unknown. Mid-Late 1996
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOVMEf5BCRQ&t=577s A store tour of Tallahassee showing off the wall art and mostly, the 3-Stage show. March 2023