Fairfield, CA (1027 Oliver Rd)

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Street View of the store's Exterior in November 2022 (PC: Google Maps)

1027 Oliver Rd, Store #3066 was a Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre that opened in 1983 (Date is unknown), and closed on January 5, 2021

This store reopened on July 12, 2022, as Chuck E. Cheese, Store #204 with the 2.0 remodel.


PTT 1983-1993/1994

Fairfield would open in 1983 (Month and Day Unknown) as a Pizza Time Theatre with a Balcony Stage like most others store at the time. They opened with either Madame Oink or Helen Henny as the guest star. It is unknown what Cabaret characters this location had. The store would remain this way until around 1989/1990, when they would replace the Balcony with a Chuck E.'s House Facade and remodel the store to the 1988 Remodel. They would have that for a few years until around 1993/1994.

Chuck E. Cheese's 1990's-2021

In around 1993/1994, the store would receive another remodel which involved the conversion of the Chuck E.'s House Facade into a 2-Stage, removal of decor from the 1988 Remodel; replacing them with various pieces of 1990s decor such as Record Posters, and chaser lights. The store would remain this way until 2009-2010 when they would receive the 2005 Update of the 2003 "Cool Chuck" Reconfiguration / Major Remodel Initiative which involved removing the Showroom Walls, Balcony Seating, 1990's decor, adding bright lighting, and repainting the building. The store would remain this way until it first closed on January 5th, 2021.

Gamex Pizza & Arcade 2021

After closure, it became Gamex Pizza & Arcade, keeping the exterior and interior untouched meanwhile removing all traces of Chuck E. Cheese. The store also carried over most of it's games from it's closure as well. After a few months, Gamex Pizza & Arcade would permanently close.

Reopening as Chuck E. Cheese July 2022-Present

Sometime in Early 2022, construction would start the conversion back to Chuck E. Cheese, this time as a Corporate owned 2.0 store. This also removed the extra prize counter the store had before it was closed as CEC for the first time. On July 12th, 2022; Fairfield would reopen as a Corporate location with a 2021 Model Dance Floor & Video Wall, the area where the 2-Stage used to be was replaced with booths.


Originally when the store opened, they had a Balcony Stage, sometime in 1989/1990, they would receive a C-Stage, they would have this for a short time, then replacing it with a 2-Stage, in the final years it was known for being very bad condition mechanically, and the store would close on January 5th, 2021. The store would be a "Gamex Pizza & Arcade" for a short while in 2021, then in July 2022, the store reopened as "Chuck E. Cheese", having the 2.0 Remodel and a Dance Floor. As of September 2022, they still have the Dance Floor.

Stage Installed Removed Notes
Balcony Stage 1983 1989/1990 Opening Day & Month Unknown.
Chuck E.'s House Facade 1989/1990 1993/1994 One of many installed in California.
2-Stage 1993/1994 January 2021 One of many installed in California.
Dance Floor + Video Wall July 2022 Still In Use 2021 Model.


Animatronic Manufacturing Date Whereabouts
Chuck E Cheese (Cyberamic) ??? Destroyed
Guest Star / Helen Henny (Cyberamic) ??? Destroyed
Mr. Munch (Cyberamic) ??? Unknown
Jasper T. Jowls (Cyberamic) ??? Unknown. PTT Jasper mask owned by a private collector
Pasqually (Cyberamic) ??? Owned by a collector on YouTube
Wink (Cyberamic) ??? Unknown
Unknown Cabaret Act ??? Unknown





  • Before Fairfield closed for the first time on January 5th, 2021; they had 2 prize counters. It was reduced to just 1 when they reopened as a 2.0 store.