Kooser PTT Show

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The Show's Portrait Stage in Kooser's Showroom, 1978

The Kooser PTT Show (also known as The Kooser Portrait / Shelf Stage & Kooser Lounge Area) was a show format used at the second Pizza Time Theatre on San Jose, CA (1371 Kooser Rd) from December 1978 up until its replacement by the first Cyberamics Balcony Stage in May 1980. The show was the last non-Cyberamics Show produced by PTT.



In Fall 1978, Fantasy Forest & Harold Goldbrandsen were tasked with building the animatronic stage show for the second PTT that was being built on Kooser Road. The stage would have features not seen in the previous stage, like The Mopsey Sisters & Mr. Munch. The Overall Show would also have Dolli Dimples in a Cabaret room.

Early History

The Stage was delivered to Kooser in Late November & first seen at Kooser's Grand Opening in December 1978. The Stage was set in Kooser's Dining Area on 2 separate walls, unlike Winchester using all 4 walls. The Dolli Animatronic was placed in a separate Cabaret Room. The Stage would be seen in several promotional papers from the time.

Later History

In 1979, The Kooser Portrait Stage appeared in a segment of "Real People", this would be the first time any CEC Stage was shown on any TV or News program. Kooser's Dolli was also shown in the "Real People" segment. The Dolli Dimples Lounge area appeared in an Australian Broadcast called Four Corners in their "New Eatery Fad" segment about PTT. The Show was replaced in May 1980 for The first Balcony Stage (Showboat).


The Kooser PTT Show overall had 2 different stages.

Kooser's Portrait Stage

Instead of being a 360-degree show like at Winchester, all of the characters were placed along two adjacent walls. The Flag Wavers hung around the showroom and between the characters. Of the few pictures we have, we can see the Band Board located on two shelves. One between the Mopsey Sisters and Jasper. Another between Jasper and Chuck E. The Applause Board also hung in the showroom. But without any good photos, it's hard to tell exactly where it was installed.

Kooser's Lounge

The Lounge had Dolli Dimples placed behind a Bar styled Piano area with a few stools next to it. Behind Dolli were curtains, which led to the Programming & Control Room.


4 of the Portrait Bots

Kooser had its own set of characters built exclusively for this store. Mr. Munch made his debut at this location and was placed behind a set of doors between Chuck E. Cheese and Helen Henny. The Mopsey Sisters were also exclusive to this location.

Dolli Dimples was first installed in this location. She was the only cabaret character that was built with a "first generation" model. Being made of fiberglass and latex like the portrait animatronics.

Used From Stage Used in
Kooser Chuck E. Cheese (Animatronic) December 1978-May 1980 Portrait / Shelf Stage
Kooser Pasqually (Animatronic) December 1978-May 1980 Portrait / Shelf Stage
Kooser Jasper T. Jowls (Animatronic) December 1978-May 1980 Portrait / Shelf Stage
Kooser Mr. Munch (Animatronic) December 1978-May 1980 Portrait / Shelf Stage
Kooser Mopsey Sisters (Animatronic) December 1978-May 1980 Portrait / Shelf Stage
Kooser Applause Board (Animatronic) December 1978-May 1980 Portrait / Shelf Stage
Kooser Flag Wavers (Animatronic) December 1978-May 1980 Portrait / Shelf Stage
Kooser Pizza Time Orchestra (Animatronic) December 1978-May 1980 Portrait / Shelf Stage
Kooser Dolli Dimples (Animatronic) December 1978-1979 / 1980 Lounge Area